Romance, General Fiction

By Catherine Chisnall

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Catherine Chisnall

Catherine Chisnall
Born in the Midlands of England, Catherine Chisnall now lives with her husband and child in the South.

She has had a varied career working in banks, libraries and charities, and, for the last 10 years, secondary and further education.

The sequel to 'Descending' is  More...


Emily is a lonely, disillusioned, teaching assistant at a college of Further Education.

Jamie is a neglected, unpredictable student.

Trapped together in a falling lift, wherever will this lead?

Told from Emily's point of view, this story explores the ambiguity of relationships between staff and students, and reflects on who is actually in control.

I always ignored the desire to write, thinking it wasn’t a valid career but can’t ignore it anymore. I have had several factual articles published and this has given me the confidence to publish some of my fiction.

Comment from Charlotte Castle, author of ‘Simon's Choice’: Just the kind of book I enjoy. A subtlety of touch is required with this subject matter but Emily's predicament does not seem forced, clumsy or even sordid.


Comment from Ian Cook, author of ‘Neferatu and the Red Queen’: This is a very keen observation on a part of today's society that seems very bleak and brutal somehow. Yet there is great humanity in this story ... for me, it brings to mind films like 'Trainspotting' and the '60s 'kitchen sink' dramas.


Comment from Missy Fleming, author of ‘Mark of Eternity’: A lot of stories come out about college teachers and students and you take us into that relationship showing us what it's really like.


Comment from Carl Ashmore, author of ‘The Time Hunters’: I'm a college lecturer so you are writing about a world of such familiarity to me. However, the main focus of your novel is such a difficult one and you handle the material with a true deftness of touch. There is a fluidity to your prose and I found this incredibly accessible.


Comment from Amy J. Bates, author of ‘Love Match’:

I read it all the way through in one sitting. I couldn't put it down!
Comment from Alexie Aaron, author of ‘The Hauntings of Cold Creek Hollow’ and ‘Decomposing’: I am awed by the characterization in this first act. There were so many emotions that Emily went through but all were real, seamless and in character. I challenge anyone to read this and not be impressed by how the author has taken her main character through such a maze of emotions.


Comment by Sly, author of ‘Stonefish’: This is a sensitively written exploration of what happens when a lonely and naive young woman becomes emotionally entangled with one of her students ... a stupid thing to do, but human.


Comment from Margaret Callow, author of ‘Strange Boy’ and ‘The Spirit of the Butterfly’: You’ve created visual strength and lots of atmosphere. Emily's pathos is obvious and you portray her so well. Sad, lonely and longing for what she feels she's been cheated of. The young buck, Jamie is crafted well too.


Comment from KJ Kron, author of ‘Saint Peter Killed God’: There is something that you pull off here - you make me sympathetic toward your narrator while at the same time I couldn't help but want to slap her for being stupid.

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