Pixels of Young Mueller

Pixels of Young Mueller

ABOUT Jerry Schwartz

Jerry Schwartz
I write, play, sing, and produce the music of The Jerrys, a British-influenced guitar-pop band. Pixels of Young Mueller is my debut novel.



Klaus Mueller dreams of leaving tiny Southland someday to be a rock star. When he chooses stardom over college, however, he learns that his real education is only beginning. He endures a series of god-awful jobs while his music is repeatedly rejected, and he wonders how he will ever achieve success. After moving to the city, where he finds a career and becomes a father, he is torn between the great happiness he has found and the success he still craves. Klaus must reconcile his dreams with reality or spend the rest of his life lamenting what might have been.

Pixels of Young Mueller
is the story of an artist's growth to maturity and of his revolt against his family's values. The tale of Klaus Mueller, as told in this modern coming-of-age novel, provides new perspectives on classic themes when Klaus confronts the forces that threaten his existence. Readers can listen to Klaus' music online at http://www.itsthejerrys.com.