The Light that never went out

ABOUT Tom Bladon

Tom Bladon
I am getting on a bit. I am married with two daughters and a rabbit.



In a world without sunsets or rainbows, in the Year of Maxwell, Janol accidentally discovers a woman (Onnil) trapped inside a cave. From this chance encounter, his life goes of on a new direction when Onnil decides that she is going to try and stop Janol's country from invasion and he decides to help her.

In doing so he finds out how long she was trapped for, and also explains why she didn't know his language but spoke the ancient language 'English'. But why does she have an orange soul? 

On their journey Janol discovers that nature of the vast world he inhabits, such as why the sky is connected to the sky by huge towers called Spokes. But then why do dinosaurs have guardians? And can they get the bus to the Spoke?

On their journey together Onnil teaches Janol magic (or is it really magic)

Oh and why are the years named after coffee brands and what exactly is a Zippy?

I had an idea, I knew the beginning, (the body in the cave that wakes up) and the ending, I just had to fit in the bits in the middle. I wanted to play with people's expectations, hence when Onnil claims she's a cliche. Also dinosaurs, I wanted people to think, oh here we go Jurassic Park and then do something completely different. I hope you like it.