Celebrities for Breakfast- a romantic comedy

General Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

By Shelley Stout

Publisher : Girlebooks.com

ABOUT Shelley Stout

Shelley Stout
Originally from Annandale, Virginia, Shelley Stout resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she enjoys spending time with her two grown sons. She also enjoys volunteering at a local homeless shelter. Shelley is a contributing writer for Charlotte area magazines, and her award-winning fi More...



Personal shopper to the stars, Judith Collington, refuses to spend one more day in LA, answering the whiny demands of her Hollywood clientele. To escape, Judith and her seventh-grader, Shannon, give up their lucrative lifestyle to run a bed and breakfast in central Illinois. Judith prepares to purchase the property, until it changes hands in a poker game. New owner: Hollywood actor and part-time egomaniac, Ren Spencer.

One evening, I watched a segment on the E! Network about a personal shopper to the stars. I thought it would be amusing to create a character who does this for a living in Hollywood, but who is tired of the constant whiny demands of her clientele, and wants to give it all up. Judith Collington was born! She's in her mid-thirties and has a 13-year-old daughter, who isn't exactly thrilled about the idea, but goes along with it. Check out my other novel, too. Radium Halos, a Novel about the Radium Dial Painters. It's historical fiction, based on a true story.