The Blendings

ABOUT Debi Irene Wahl

Debi Irene Wahl
Mother of three, wife of one, grandmother to Baby Adam, mother in law extraordinare!  Author, singer and owner of Act 1 Productions a traveling theater and musical venue, published book, Jesus I'm Coming, ISBN 978-0-9800-6110-9


The townsfolk of Claysville, Pennsylvania have welcomed new neighbors to their peaceful community-new neighbors with a dark agenda. The town's youth, the leaders, the ministers-no one is exempt from the insidious Blendings the Eternal Witness uses to manipulate the citizens of this small town. 
How can three teens, a dog, and one neurotic reporter do anything against such a large and powerful cartel? Will good win over evil? Author Debi Irene Wahl has spun a suspenseful and fast-paced tale using real-life situations that foreshadow today's headlines with godly intervention.

I've been writing my own scripts for murder mysteries for years. One evening as I sat and thought through a new script plot, I wondered how much it would take to go beyond the 25 pages of a one act murder mystery. And I've often wondered as I pass people on the street what secrets they are hiding, what is hidden behind the smiles. The Blendings took almost two years from beginning to end, but I'm as proud as though I've given birth to a fourth child. Frankly, this was the hardest!