Lacy: A Bad Girl's Romance

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Chérie De Sues

Publisher : Noble Romance Publishing

ABOUT Chérie De Sues

Chérie De Sues
Chérie De Sues is a "critically acclaimed", "award winning" and "best selling" author of thrillers, paranormal and contemporary suspense romances from sensual to sizzling heat levels. A member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), and 2010 RWA participant in b More...



Lacy Hennessey is the enforcer for the Boston Irish mob after the boss for the Italian mafia kills her father. After so many years of an informal truce between the two families, why has the Italian boss declared war on the Irish? She'll have the time to dwell on the future while on vacation with a new lover in Hawaii. Lacy is hopeful she'll find love for the first time in her life.


Dr. Josh Davenport has fallen for the beautiful, leggy blonde who isn't wired emotionally like other women he's known. As the clues to Lacy's occupation unfold, Josh struggles with his feelings of self-preservation when he learns he could be in the middle of a mob war. Josh is no saint and his past could get him killed if Lacy's boss gets wind of his shady associates.



Back in Boston, Lacy's world begins to crumble around her as secrets reveal a startling truth that could cost her everything she holds dear. In a bold move, Lacy will risk her life, love and legacy to bring about a new era for the Boston Irish mob, and for her and Josh.


I was approached to do a "Bad Girl" novel by my publisher and I took the challenge. Lacy was born as a short story, "Lacy: A Bad Girl's Revenge". After reading the short story I was asked to create a novella and finish what I started. Lacy is one tough and interesting character. Read the first chapter and see for yourself...

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