A Certain Pressure in the Pipes

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Clancy Nacht
Clancy Nacht squeezes writing in amongst her web development day job, her husband, and her three feral rescue cats. Living in Austin, she indulges her love of indie music, photography, and constant influx of new faces a college town provides.With a major in Journalism, she has written for  More...


Conrad Lloyd's father, Governor of an old west town, wishes his son wasn't so interested in inventing, or men, for that matter. It isn't until Conrad meets Ezhno, a Native American inventor, that Conrad thinks he can find sexual and intellectual fulfillment all in one man. Will they find their way together despite the societal and familial divide that threatens to keep them apart? Or will Conrad have to satisfy himself with his steam-powered Pleasuring Machine?

The story has a lot of elements to it, a lot of ideas that I was drawing in, but the story at its heart is really about finding that one person in the world that is your perfect match--that no matter how much of a weirdo everyone else thinks you are, that there is someone out there that will fit you perfectly. Ezhno is an anomaly for a Native American. He loves inventing, has a taste for fine clothing. Conrad also loves inventing and a taste for dangerous men that his family really doesn't understand. Both don't feel entirely at home with where they began, but they find a home in each other. They each see what they desire in the other and thus they fit.

“I honestly laughed out loud when I read the blurb about the pleasuring machine and when introduced in the story, the scene is not only hot but very enjoyable. It’s funny, tongue in cheek (both cheeks!) and sets up some great lines between the men. Conrad’s sense of the absurd really makes the story fun to read.” Read the whole review at Three Dollar Bills Reviews

“A Certain Pressure in the Pipes was a surprise for me. I haven’t read much in the Steampunk genre and after reading this story, I’ll be picking up more. Historical meets futuristic. Add in some hot man on man action and campy humor and you have a story that I couldn’t put down.” From Seriously Reviewed

"There is not enough Steampunky gay romance/erotica, I should start by saying. I've looked, and I haven't found much. This isn't 'too genre' for those who aren't into it, but the ways the genre's trappings are brought into play are delightful and well-chosen. The atmosphere of the story definitely takes advantage of the 'alternate history' Steampunk is all about, painting an Old West where a cheeky, lusty young gay man meets a brilliant and sartorially splendid American Indian in the town jail. That's definitely an original premise, and the banter and humor throughout live up to the slightly screwball beginning, making the whole read a light-hearted and enjoyable one. That setup leads to seriously sexy results when the two men join forces to perfect a certain risqué invention of Conrad's. Overall, it left me smiling and, yes, a little flushed." from Amazon.com

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