With Wings As Eagles

ABOUT Ann Stewart

Ann Stewart
I have been walking with the Lord for thirty years. In that time, during many ups and downs, He has been so very faithful to my family and me.

Having witnessed and been at the receiving end of a number of miracles and healings, the Holy Spirit prompted me - after an exceptional More...


With Wings As Eagles shares how through a long process of trials the Lord gradually led me on a journey of hope, patient expectation and joy. In the midst of very trying circumstances He lifted my despair and turned my mourning into dancing.
The title was chosen because it depicts the many times and ways God held me almost as if floating on Wings As Eagles, even though the outward circumstances were going from bad to worse.

But Oh the joy once you're in God's "zone" where you just know beyond any shadow of a doubt that He will Turn Tragedy into Triumph!

This inspirational book demonstrates all the steps I took to change all the negative, fearful and hopeless thoughts into absolute trust, joyful expectation and faith.