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August 7, 2008…With the world’s economies plunging toward meltdown, “change” in this historic election year can’t come fast enough for 58-year-old disgraced financial fraud investigator Rainey McDermott. His own stock portfolio on life support, he’s desperate for money—“and lots of it.” Otherwise he faces a humiliating exit from the gated paradise of wealth, power and prestige he’s certain holds the key to his redemption. But when he accepts a promising invitation to a gala at the home of one of the community’s most influential couples, he soon discovers it is the prelude to blackmail and a threat to expose his darkest secret. What follows is a harrowing journey of self-discovery that will unmask the central lie of his life as he plunges into the dark swamp of international money laundering and a multi-million dollar securities scam. With the FBI breathing down his neck, Rainey vows to follow his conscience, unaware his decision is about to pit his tarnished values against the lethal charms of an obsessed seductress out for revenge—with a 700 lb. eating machine lurking in the shadows to devour the evidence.