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ThreeLLL LiveLoveLaugh
ThreeLLL’s Success Three active and successful Perth Women have combined forces to write a book that holds the secret to change and a life more meaningful.

Inspired by their own varied and rich business and life experiences, authors Janette Philp, Michelle Ferry, and Terri Gib More...



Since 1998 The Lawn Book has been one of the best tools for anyone in the lawn care industry, avid gardeners and green thumbs.

The guru of lawns, Dr Jim Penman of Jim’s Mowing Australia, has called The Lawn Book the bible of lawns and continues to supply the book to his Mowing Franchisee’s around the world.

Everyday mum and dads refer to it for their beloved green patch, and Garden centres use it as their reference book on lawns.

It covers everything you need to know about lawns from sewing the first seed to tips from the experts on:

Planning – What to look for in starting a lawn.
Caring and maintenance – Program on management.
Renovating – When and how to do it.
Trouble-shooting – Managing problems before and after.
Equipment – Maintenance, Types and Machinery Tips
Mulching – Uses for the lawn clippings.

The perfect resource for any Lawn Entrepreneur!