Pandemic Predator, a Mary MacIntosh novel

Mystery & Thrillers

By Maureen Aplin

Publisher : Maureen Meehan Aplin

ABOUT Maureen Aplin

Maureen Aplin
Maureen Meehan Aplin is the author of the Mary MacIntosh mystery/thriller series and an attorney in Orange County, California.  She is an avid runner and skier and has completed the Ironman World Championship Triathlon and numerous marathons, including the Boston Marathon. 


A serial killer is on the loose using the deadly strain of the H5N1 virus as a murder weapon.  His selected targets are young, beautiful women with a connection to a European sex trade.  His signature is a strange, hand-drawn tattoo on each woman's inner thigh which taken together, lead Mary MacIntosh and the FBI to clues of sacred burial grounds around the world.  As the lethal strain of the virus spreads across the globe, pharmaceutical giants scramble to mass produce a vaccination to stop the pandemic.  The hunter becomes the hunted in this thrilling and epically haunting novel.

Praise from WRITER'S DIGEST for Maureen Meehan Aplin's previous Mary MacIntosh books:

PANDEMIC PREDATOR: "Wow--good beginning, really jumps into the action. . . a wide-ranging, intriguing book."

SNAKE RIVER SECRET: "The structure of the book reminded me of the old Perry Mason novels, in which the legal staff itself is involved in the case personally. . . . Some very clever manipulation of clues, evidence, and trial procedure makes this a very good mystery."

DYING TO SKI: "(The)dialogues are brisk and realistic. A very intriguing premise. An excellent eye for physical details."

"This book is one of the few gems that you look for when you want a good read. Once you pick this book up, you simply can't put it down. ...." Margaret Lopez Erpenbeck, reviewing Pandemic Predator, a Mary MacIntosh novel.