Hero Happy Hour: Heroic Edition

Comics & Graphic Novels

By Dan Taylor

Publisher : GeekPunk

ABOUT Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor



Imagine pulling up a stool to the bar and sipping a frosty pint of your favorite beverage as you listen in on the conversations of the “regulars” that frequent the neighborhood tavern. But, this establishment is unlike any other bar. The HIDEOUT BAR & GRILL caters to the super heroes of First City. And, this watering hole serves as more than just a place to wash away the troubles of serving and protecting society as crime-fighting crusaders. For the regular heroes it is “a place where everyone knows your name,” secret identity or not. HERO HAPPY HOUR: HEROIC EDITION collects the first five issues of the fan-favorite breakout comic book series. 
“I actually wish I would have thought of it.” – Brian Michael Bendis. 

“With a concept that’s as ingenious as a two-for-one happy hour and laughs that hit faster than a shot of Wild Turkey to your dome, HERO HAPPY HOUR won’t leave you skunky.” – Wizard Magazine.