Mystery & Thrillers

By Alex Shaw

Publisher : Hetman Publishing

ABOUT Alex Shaw

Alex Shaw
My debut novel 'Hetman' gained critical acclaim in the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) and has been a #1 Kindle Bestseller. The second Aidan Snow thriller, COLD BLACK, is now available.


Former SAS trooper Aidan Snow returns in the thrilling follow up to the Kindle bestseller 'Hetman'. Now an MI6 operative, Snow must locate & rescue an old SAS colleague before an Al-Qaeda cell can carry out acts of unprecedented horror. But who is covertly funding these new attacks and why? Abduction Veteran SAS trooper, Paddy Fox has lost his job, his wife and his temper. Whilst bitterly job hunting, Fox witnesses a car crash and finds himself rescuing a kidnapped Saudi Royal. Persuaded by MI6 to accept a job as security adviser in Saudi Arabia, Fox travels to Riyadh. Assassination In Ukraine, a director of the Belarusian KGB is gunned down whilst trying to pass shocking intelligence to his counterpart in the Ukrainian SBU. Intelligence which sets out plans to commit international acts of terror. Al-Qaeda In Saudi Arabia an entire British Trade mission is taken hostage by a new, highly trained group aligned to Al-Qaeda. An International Conspiracy Former SAS Trooper turned MI6 operative, Aidan Snow is caught in a maelstrom involving East, West and Middle East which endangers the world's supply of oil.

This is the second Aidan Snow novel and has taken me three years to complete. The first novel Hetman took ten years. I'm hoping that number three will take less.

As the author of 'Hetman' and 'Cold Black' I wanted to share with you all the review I receieved for 'Hetman' from the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) Expert Reviewer:

The strongest aspect of this work is the writer's knowledge of Ukraine and Special Forces operations. The detail about Kyiv is well done, and creates an appealing background for the primary character, Aidan Snow.

Other strong aspects of Hetman are that the story has good pacing, moves along well and holds the reader's attention. The writing is clear, well defined and to the point, without burdening the reader with distractions from the plot.

Hetman is a well written novel that will appeal to those who love spy adventures. I liked the character of Bull, he felt real on the page, and you don't get better than that. The secondary characters are interesting and the author does a good job of character development, as well as creating a well paced novel.