Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs, & the Sasquatch

Outdoors & Nature

By Lisa A. Shiel

Publisher : Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC

ABOUT Lisa A. Shiel

Lisa A. Shiel
LISA A. SHIEL researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history. She has been interviewed for big-city newspapers, national magazines, TV news, and talk radio shows including the G. Gordon Liddy show. Lisa has a master’s degree in library scienc More...



Bigfoot...Fact or Fiction?
Read this book before you decide!

From recent footprints to ghostly figures painted on stone centuries ago, Backyard Bigfoot presents startling evidence that the hairy creatures who lurk in our world's backcountry represent more than a figment of our collective imagination. Bigfoot expert Lisa A. Shiel lays out the evidence -- physical and folkloric, ancient and modern -- to prove that Bigfoot and its kin all over the world stand closer to us than we ever imagined.

If you're a newcomer to the subject, you'll learn valuable facts as the author guides you through the mine field of theories, counter-theories, and assumptions about Bigfoot. Knowledgeable researchers will find a treasure trove of little-known evidence and usually taboo concepts. In perfect detail, Shiel lays out her singular and astonishing revelations about Bigfoot, gleaned from years of research -- both in the field and in the historical archives. Joining her odyssey, you'll explore:

* Stick signs --purposeful symbols created with sticks and other material;
* Mane braiding, where intricate braids appear in horses' manes overnight;
* Predominant Bigfoot theories, and why they don't fit the facts;
* UFO-Bigfoot connection details typically dismissed by academic pedagogues; and
* Distorted human history and how it affects our perceptions of the Bigfoot enigma.

From human evolution to lost civilizations, from UFOs to ancient artwork, Shiel weaves disparate threads into one incredible yet thoroughly believable theoretical tapestry -- and leaves you breathless.

"As informative as it is entertaining, and most especially recommended to the attention of those with an interest in human evolution, lost civilizations, UFOs, ancient artwork, metaphysical studies, and the legendary Sasquatch." -Midwest Book Review "Absolutely one of the best types of investigative reporting I've seen as Shiel compiles so much information into this one little book that you will read over and over again. While intended to be a `fully read' book, I can visualize it quickly becoming a wonderful book of reference for any interested in these types of encounters. Whether you believe or not, you will enjoy the questions driven from this complete book of information." -ReaderViews "Anyone wanting a unique, and intensely personal perspective on the Bigfoot controversy will not be disappointed." -From the Foreword by Nick Redfern, author of On The Trail Of The Saucer Spies "You may agree or not with her conclusions but you will be thoroughly entertained by the discussions of the subject." -Mining Journal (Marquette, MI) "A skillfully written combination of field observations, academic perspectives, and discussions of other paranormal mysteries." -Thom Powell, author of The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon