Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume II (Special Edition)

Gay & Lesbian, General Fiction, Family & Relationships

By Jay Staten

Publisher : Jay's Administration

ABOUT Jay Staten

jay staten
Author/Publisher/Producer, of erotica titles such as, "Burning Bridges" (The Novel) and "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume I & II" (The Novels and DVD's).Join Me On Facebook:(



Mitch has been an extremely important asset to J&J Enterprises for over 10-years now, but, do to the Recession, he's on the verge of losing everything he's ever owned; his house, car, job and maybe even his wife, Barbara. As Mitch struggles to get back on track to regain every thing he's lost, will Barbara remain by his side, or, will she reveal a devasting secret that she's been holding in for years, that can rock Mitch's entire foundation.

Plus, life of 125th has never presented a dull moment and from the look of things, today is no different. Mrs. Williams is an elderly lady, doing all that she can do to make life a little easier for her three middle-aged children (Mike, Karen and Shelly). In an attempt to rid her daughter, Shelly, of a headache of a boyfriend that she has in Calvin, Mrs. Williams discreetly calls the cops one evening to have Calvin arrested for a warrant he has, that she somehow found out about. Unfortunately for Mrs. Williams, while one of her problems have been temporarily resolved, another one is brewing up across town when her son, Mike, gets arrested himself for domestic violence. Both Mike and Calvin ultimately enters the same prison with their manhood, dignity and pride, but neither guy has a clue of how Officer Smith plans to send them back out into society.

Read these two stories in its entirety, as well as five other full length erotica sex stories and a Bonus Feature for women only, by purchasing Jerome Staten's novel, "Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume II" (Special Edition).

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"Daddy's Sex Chronicles- Volume II" (Special Edition), is a combination of seven explicit erotica sex stories delivered to the world from Jerome Staten's creative vision. Seven different couples will venture off onto seven different journeys, all geared toward the same destination, the land of ecstasy. The gang has left the lustful gates to this pleasurable journey, wide-opened for you to join in with them. If you decide to accept their invitation, by flipping through their forbidden pages, be prepared to experience one of the most panty-wetting, penis arousing sessions of your life!