Jack the Dog and His Boy

Jack the Dog and His Boy

ABOUT Victor Brodt

Victor Brodt
Meaning, joy, and treasures; some last forever. Find them in the simple heart of a good dog. They're stories about YOU and amazing answers.Jack of all trades with a masters in one!




Treasure, love, and passions might be counterfeit, but some shall prove genuine. Find vital clues to what every person needs. Discover the difference between merely existing or living life to its fullest. Pure uncluttered love, the kind which pours out of a simple puppy, reveals the perfect destination. Find the unbridled everlasting joy in these pages!



These true life parables are not just simple stories of humor and vibrancy. They are about the undying spirit of an amazing dog’s love. These accounts have been winnowed down to an essence that unleashes a powerful ability to truly discover the best things in life.



Make no mistake; this book was crafted to be read again and again. Jack stories were fondly compiled over decades of honing by speaker Victor Brodt, who has been amazed at the incredible outpouring of response to this wonderful set of stories. Buy a copy for yourself and a friend, and even perhaps an enemy, who ought to be a friend. Read it! This will change your world.




"There is no malice in the heart of a puppy. May you believe in his kind of heart and truly discover what every good dog already sees in you!" Victor Brodt

These stories have intrigued audiences, over two decades, and now offered in book forms.

Compared to C. S. Lewis