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ABOUT Julie Eberhart Painter

Julie Eberhart Painter
Julie Eberhart Painter was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and adopted nine months later. For twenty-six years, she worked with nursing homes as a volunteer coordinator and later as a community ombudsman. She spent eighteen years with Hospice of Volusia/Flagler in Port Orange, Florida a More...



  1. In 1933, an underground coal mine explosion puts Catherine Jones father, Max, out of work. The family must earn a living in those depression days and the women: Catherine, Claire and their mother Alma go to work in the silk mill.

Max becomes a union boss with the United Mine Workers, but the women are stuck in their jobs. Claire hopes to go on to nursing school. The ambitious Catherine falls in love with her supervisor at the mill and sees his interest in her as a way to a better life. He seduces her. Although she is no child, she is inexperienced in the ways of the world and expects him to marry her and give their baby his name. But he blames her for her pregnancy, saying that her being mugged in the park resulted in rape, ergo, the child can’t be his. Catherine must go to a shelter for unwed mothers and put her baby up for adoption.

She and her sister start their lives fresh in Philadelphia where opportunities are becoming available. She meets a family man whose wife is an artist. The couple befriends her, getting her a job in a defense plant and an opportunity to attend art school. This is not an easy path for a woman, but the doors begin to open on a political cartooning career, while a complicated love finds her.