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Londis Carpenter
I try to arrange words in poems like an artist applies colors or a musician places notes to shape music.  I want my poems to have a life distinctly their own and to outlive me.

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"I used to think the brain  More...



Earth House by Londis Carpenter is a very wholesome, morally oriented, fictional story about four adolescents who discover... More > an underground bomb shelter that seems to possess magical powers.

The story is told in first person by Larry Carter (15), who along with his three friends undergoes a tremendous life change while pursuing Lucius Diamond (an evil agent of the dark force) through altered dimensions of time and space. How Larry ultimately chooses to use the awesome power handed him by aliens from space makes this a compelling story with a brilliant climax and ending. There is drama and excitement throughout this 250 page chapter book and it would not surprised us if this story is made into a movie.