I Wandered from New Orleans: Poems from the South

ABOUT Tracy Conway

Tracy Conway
Tracy L. Conway is a fine woodworker who has been writing for more than twenty years. A New Orleans native, she has travelled throughout the South, documenting her journeys and observations. She is a history enthusiast and avid participant in Renaissance Faires. In 2005 she started an onli More...


This collection of nonfiction verses leads through the author's travels around the South as well as the explorations of life's celebrations and shortcomings. Experience the trials of months spent homeless on the city streets to the ruin left behind by Hurricane Katrina. Meet intriguing characters and delve into the lives of individuals who were parted too soon from this world. Visit enchanting forests and Southern swamps where peace and enlightenment are often discovered and treasured. Finally, peruse verses with the age old themes of love, loss and tragedy, which unite us all in our fundamental existence.

Dreamers do not die,

There are authors who have the ability to utilize words. There are poets who possess the gift of rhyme.
Tracy has the ability to capture emotions, filter them through her unique experiences then to succinctly record them in the shape of a poem...Powerful yet beautiful!!
I pray this book of poems is a huge success...so that Tracy will have proof that dreamers do not die, but inspire.

-Charles Lepore