Stolen Prey

Mystery & Thrillers

By Lindsay Mawson

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ABOUT Lindsay Mawson

Lindsay Mawson
Lindsay has always had a fascination with the dark and mysterious corners of her mind. More than 15 years ago, she decided to share those ideas in the form of writing so that others could be not only entertained but also chilled to the core. When Lindsay is not sittin More...



To Detective Constable Ethan Callaway, it seemed that life could not get any better, but when a woman he meets ends up in intensive care, the search is on for the man who tried to kill her. The catch: the suspect knows that she and Ethan are more than just acquaintances. Thrown into a whirlwind chase, Ethan suddenly finds himself fighting for not only his own life, but for the lives of those he loves.
Oct. 10, 2010 By Christopher Johnson
Intense. Suspenseful. Great detailed scenes. This book really makes you think. Easy to read and well written. Keeps readers on edge and wanting to read more.
*****Nov. 2, 2010 By Zach Wilson
Pretty intense. could be good for a movie idea in the future!
.....No Rating  
Sep. 27, 2010 By Louise Heard
A book has to grab me right from the git go or I loose interest.This book is definetly a winner. Can't wait for the Lothgoliar! Keep it up Lindsay, you are a great author.
Oct. 31, 2010 By Lynda Savauge
Not being a person who reads very many books, I was pleasantly surprised how this book captivated and forced me to neglect my duties until I had finished reading it. Stolen Prey started out with a dead body being found in a bathtub so the more I read ,the more I had to. I'm looking forward to her next book as well. What a fantastic gift to give for Christmas or any other gift giving time.
Sep. 16, 2010 By Sherri Wilson
This book was great! Nice build up to the really did her homework on this one. can't wait for the Lothgoliar!