The Eye of the Idol

Mystery & Thrillers

By Paul Neto

Publisher : Paul Dayton

ABOUT Paul Neto

Paul Neto
Tired of living to work, wife and I retired early to hike, bike, volunteer and live in exotic places. We're now living our dream - for the moment in Central America - as we spend our days in the isthmus mountains and our evenings with our hobby.



A 400 year old box, the sinking of an ocean liner, murder, a DPRK master plan...and one man to connect the dots.

The biggest thing on Jacob's mind was how he failed his Jesuit assignment when he stole the object he was asked to 'acquire' for the church. Little did he know that what he had done would initiate events leading not only to several beheadings, murders and the sinking of the Empress of Ireland, but to a conflict that would bring together the world's superpowers in a final showdown. With North Korea stirring the pot, could a single SIS agent from Britain prevent the disaster?

Meanwhile, RCMP Detective Antonin Aumont has a mystery on his hands. The murder and torture of an old man and the assassination of their only suspect was odd in itself, but he’d seen stranger things. It was the note – the old, cryptic Latin poem that had him wondering. Who wrote it, what did it mean and why would two people be dead because of it? Before the day was done, a true Pandora’s box would be opened...

Follow the trail of SIS agent Coleman, Detective Antonin and Professor Sanchez as they piece together the puzzle while running a race against time and enemies. Their goal? The Box and its incredible contents.

I was researching info for a short story. It was based on a gruesome event in Quebec when the nation was still young. As I researched, I kept on coming across unbelievable true events. I was so entertained that I kept telling my wife the true stories I'd read, and barely got any writing done on the short I kept wanting to start. Eventually the gears started spinning, and I came up with a plan to connect a series of true stories into one big adventure / crime / treasure hunt. Because so much of the unbelievable details are true, I'm hoping the reader will quickly immerse himself into a story unlike any other.

In Eye of the Idol, Paul Dayton has crafted highly memorable work with three-dimensional characters. Each new character introduced to the reader have their own set of worries, complexities and characteristics so believable it seems as if they could be standing right before you.

Before I was even through the first chapter, I already knew this book was a winner. Immediately attention grabbing and intense, Eye of the Idol seizes the reader’s attention and refuses to let go.

With his excellent use of descriptions, Mr. Dayton pulls you into the setting of the book seamlessly. He has an amazing talent for transporting the reader well into the past and back to the present in one fluid motion. The writer opens a portal to yesterday so intriguing, that one cannot help but step through willingly.

The first character introduced in the book stirred raw emotion within this reviewer. Even through the remainder of the book I carried his burden with me as if it were my own. The reader feels as if he is a long-lost friend.

With a complex, well designed plot and fast paced storyline, this book left me positioned at the edge of my seat in anticipation of what would happen next. A subtle, yet warming amount of humor graces the pages of Mr. Dayton’s book, making it a joy to read.

As the past and the present begin to form ever more solid ties to one another, the plot thickens and the reader is left breathless with suspense, wondering what will happen on the next page.

As multiple scenarios begin to build in the reader’s mind of what the conclusion of this work might bring, Mr. Dayton once again surprises the reader with his fantastic ending. Try as I might, I couldn’t guess what was in store for me; which made me love this book even more.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast-paced, quality read. For this reviewer, Paul Dayton’s Eye of the Idol has earned five well-deserved stars. I look forward to reading further works by this remarkable author.