Exile Corporation

Exile Corporation

ABOUT Mark McClafferty

Mark McClafferty
Born and raised in England; Mark moved to Los Angeles, California in 1991 at the age of 25 years old. Training to become an Investment Securities Broker, by 1995 he was one of the most sought after telemarketers throughout the USA. Upon the advent of the Internet, Mark joined an organizati More...



Global warming, famines and natural disasters threaten the world. Seventy six million people are retiring at a rate of ten thousand a day in America. Its social security programs and hospitals are failing, while wrongful death suits are piling up next to dead bodies. America is entrenched in The War on Terror.

Millionaire playboy, Mark Knoxx, the CEO of Exile Corporation has developed an internet device called, HEAVEN: Hospital Evaluation and Authenticated Vitals Encoded Navigator. It can provide real-time diagnoses for patients when it is placed on their wrist.

A powerful consortium calling themselves The Firm, want to harness HEAVEN because Knoxx has unknowingly developed a cutting-edge weapon.

The murder of a drug-dealing thug in Hollywood leads to two L.A.P.D. cops uncovering a plot to murder influential world figures. Following the trail of bodies, can they stay alive long enough to stop the worldwide distribution of HEAVEN. And can Mark Knoxx stay alive long enough to stop The Firm?

Heaven only knows.