Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms

General Fiction

By Susan Bainbridge

Publisher : Eloquent Books

ABOUT Susan Bainbridge

Susan Bainbridge
Susan Bainbridge was raised in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and currently lives in the UAE, where she teaches at a technology college. Over the past fifteen years, Susan has lived in the Yukon, Japan, Korea and the Middle East, and has drawn on her many experiences for the inspiration be More...



Set in the isolation of northern Canada, Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms is the story of Brian, a young man with a zest for life, and his eclectic group of good friends. Comedy and tragedy rival each other as they highlight the tenuous relationship between life and death. Brian's experiences are entertaining, absurd, outrageous and sometimes quite dramatic. This unique story begins with Brian and his girlfriend finding a trapper frozen to death while they are out staking a claim. Black humour ensues with the insightful and revealing dialogue as the community deals with the death of one of their own. Comedy reigns when the neighbouring community's prank, in retribution for a similar one the previous year, goes awry and becomes an international incident, expanding from the two communities to involve Japanese businessmen, the Canadian government, and global corporations. Seemingly small occurrences turn into hilarious major events in Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms. Even when events take a darker turn, this inventive tale constantly surprises and entertains the reader. Can Brian find happiness in his life? How will the group evolve? Will Brian learn to accept, as we all must, the fluid dynamics of life? What role might fate play?
'I was gripped by this novel. It has depth and humour; as well as warm, amazing characters who haunt you long after you finish the book. In fact, I felt I was there in person.'' Sophie King, author of 'THE SCHOOL RUN' and four other novels (Hodder & Stoughton).