Mystery & Thrillers

By John M. Wills

Publisher : TotalRecall Publications

ABOUT John M. Wills

John M. Wills
Award-winning author and free lance writer/speaker/instructor.  Former Chicago police officer and retired FBI agent. John has published more than 125 articles relating to police training and officer survival.He writes a monthly column on, and is the creator of the Chicago Wa More...


Targeted is an award-winning story and the third novel in The Chicago Warriors Thriller Series. Police Detectives Pete Shannon and Marilyn Benson hunt a sniper who is killing Chicago Police Officers. And a Catholic priest, arrested for sex crimes, flees the city to escape prosecution. Find out how these two seemingly unrelated stories converge to create an unexpected ending to this exciting thriller / mystery titled: TARGETED!

Targeted is the third novel in The Chicago Warriors Thriller Series. It has a unique twist to it, in that two stories run simultaneously, completely unrelated, yet come together at the end in a thrilling surprise.

"Targeted will grab you and not let go. A must read for all mystery / thriller enthusiasts."
Paul Lindsay, best selling Simon & Schuster author.

"John Wills penned a thriller with an ending I never saw coming."
Frank Borelli, Editor in Chief,

"Wills creates a psychopathic serial killer, a terrifying monster, and unleashes him onto the streets of Chicago."
Mark Safarik, FBI Criminal Profiler