Colder (Second Edition)

Mystery & Thrillers, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Alexander Bryant

Publisher : Member of Reality Press

ABOUT Alexander Bryant

Alexander Bryant
In the Tunguska hospital where I was born, there was a fire in the post-natal wing necessitating a speedy rescue by my uncle. He braved billowing smoke from ceiling-high purple flames feeding on pharmaceuticals and the tender skin of those unlucky enough not to have a swashbuckling relativ More...



What do you do if the Great Old Ones you don't believe in keep harassing you?

And then the FBI gets involved?

Colder, the first book of the Tamelin Light trilogy, submerges you into the world of Lovecraft's immortal Great Old Ones.

Talitha, a scientist, is a member of the Tamelins, a line connected to a Great Old One named Ithaqua through Outer God Nyarlathotep. She must reconcile her empiric view of the world with her genetically-altered, ancient Family, the Feds, beings called True Humans and of course the Enemy: followers of dread Cthulhu.

Colder is also the story of FBI agent Shaman Esker tasked with ending a cult's rampage, discovering instead secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know including the insidious Natives and a shape-shifting True Human named Celine.

H.P. Lovecraft created a deep, brooding, brilliant universe in the mythology of Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones, Outer Gods and their followers. But as anyone who has ever read a lot of Lovecraft is painfully aware, the protagonists were secondary to his stories and often carbon copies from one tale to the next. Wouldn't it be interesting to borrow the universe, update it with the science of the 21st century and make the story about the characters and not the fearsome sanity-eating backdrop? This is what I have striven to do with the Tamelin Light trilogy: people whose stories move you, characters who we come to understand and love, who matter to us, setting their lives against the terrifying cosmos of the Mythos. Book One is "Colder", and is available now. Book Two, "The Tamelin Light" will be available in 2011. Book Three, "Annelli," will be published after that and there is a short story prequel in the mix in there as well which will be free. Fun fact: this book actually started - fifteen years ago - as a play-by-email adventure! I began writing it as a novel about ten years ago.

Well, my editor really likes it. The big names - NY Times Book Review, Booklist, NPR, the National Review, etc. - just don't know what they're missing yet. And this lottery ticket has the winning numbers on it, too.

And look - a unicorn!