Coming to a street near you


By Mike Watts

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Mike Watts

Mike Watts
An 'Ull lad, born and bred, I was brought up on Orchard Park which seemed to have more 'ups' than 'downs' then and I had a good childhood there.

I have been writing for a few years now and usually feel the need to pick up a pen when something rattles me, though it is nice when  More...



The venue,
The crowd
And their reaction
Those ten given minutes,

Where I'll spill
My guts

At the feet
Of strangers.


Sexual intercourse began
In nineteen eighty three
(Which was brilliant for me) -
Between the end of Tennessee Williams
And Madonna's first LP,


Sometimes our lives
Are electrified with a moment
That will remain tattooed

And my moment

Is you.

This is a collection of my poetry written over a number of years.

Comment from Tim Roux, author of 'The Dance of the Pheasodile' and 'Missio':
Coming from a street near Mike, I happen to know quite a lot about Hull and the extraordinary artistic flare up that has happened there over the last 40 years since the arrival of Philip Larkin of Hull University, John Godber of Hull Truck, and Cilla Wykes of ThisisUll, all of whom have had a major fertilising effect on the area (and if those sound like honorary titles they've got there, they should be).

Mike is out of the ThisisUll stable of poets, writers and musicians, which means that he is scrutinising the streets of his less than fair city with a scalpel and microscope. If he were from the University set, he would be gazing through a telescope into the beyond. That is the significant divide in Hull poetry.

I love this stuff. It looks like Hull, it sounds like Hull and it smells like Hull, a place we are all proud to come from, even if we don't always enjoy the experience of being there at the time.

In this collection, Mike proves himself a true poetic trawlerman of his city. What a catch!