the light in the window


By William S. Peters, Sr.

Publisher : inner child press

ABOUT William S. Peters, Sr.

William S. Peters, Sr.
I am a Creative Expressionist . . . i liken my self to that of a Gardener . . .  i am attempting to perfect the Creative Art of Planting Seeds in the Gardens of Mind and Spirit . . . all about the love baby . . .


this is my 14th collection of Poetry. it is 165 pages of my works. i believe it to be somewhat cryptic at times, and there is much in between the lines for the reader to reflect upon. ||My primary focus' is that of Love and Understanding. At times the voice is one of question, and at others one of confirmation, but always worth a multiple read.

i am a Creation Expressionist. My main venue of communication is that of Writing and Poetry. I also do Spoken Word, Video Production and i utilize any medium i can to assist me in the dissemination of the message of love and understanding. Much of my writing asks Spiritual based questions. I feel there is much for us to contemplate through the cryptic beauty of Poetry. Visit "inner child' Web Sites or just "Google" us for more information about all that we do in Print, Web, Radio, Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Blogging. Welcome to the World of "inner child' TAGS :

“the light in the window”  is 160 pages of Divine Inspiring Poetry. This offering promises to carry you away on a flow of inspiration that will sweep your Heart, Soul and Mind away.

 As you experience this journey with Bill, you will feel his connection to the collective  Universal Energies, the Soul of the very Earth, all of Nature and all People. His voice of Love, Understanding and Deep Passion for Life and Love are, indeed, the whisperings of his soul.

Bill’s gift of expression sheds an extraordinary light on those moments in life we so often allow to slip through our fingers, let go unnoticed or deem ordinary every day occurrences.  For Bill, there-in lie the Treasures.  If you asked him about his writing, he would simply say, “It’s Not Me.”, then he may tell you about a walk in nature, a ride on a bus or a moment stuck in rush hour traffic. His inspiration seemingly flows from a 4th person or on-looker’s standpoint.  He holds on to it only long enough to grab a pen and notebook where another voice takes over, and he acts as merely the scribe.

Thoughtfully and lovingly included in this work are a few selected poems and writings by his children. Their hearts are right there, on the pages, their souls speaking in the clear and concise voice of living and feeling.  How fortunate we are to hear them.

Juliette Probst

Literary Consultant


Midway, Utah