Justice Incarnate

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Regan Black
Regan Black is dedicated to crafting action packed paranormal romance novels so readers can savor a fantastic escape from the daily grind. If you are looking for a proven author who can deliver a fast-paced, exciting novel for your essential escape you've come to the right place.



Attacked by an evil nobleman on the eve of her wedding in 1066 her life took a dramatic detour. In the millennium since, she's lived repeatedly with one goal: eliminate the demonic entity that continues to prey on women and children. Through each of her multiple incarnations, she's chased him down to exact her fatal brand of justice, only to lose her own life in the process.

Now, in 2096, the demon is embodied as a powerful judge and she is Jaden Michales, a woman who must fight the monster and the system he manipulates in order to find the one weapon that will break the cycle and banish him forever.

"A fantastically wonderful story... tension and mystery... cliff hanging suspense. I could not put it down." -- 5 cups from CoffeeTime Reviews

"Move over Lara Croft--Jaden Michaels is the quintessential heroine of the 21st century, full of heart and totally lethal!" -- Best-selling suspense author Debra Webb

"A terrific reincarnation thriller... tense story line grips the audience... fans will appreciate this strong tale... Library Bookwatch Featured Title" -- Midwest Book Reviews