Young Adult, Romance, General Fiction

By Nicci Sefton

Publisher : Total Publishing And Media

ABOUT Nicci Sefton

Nicci Sefton
Nicci Sefton is a typical young lady that became a published author 2 months before she graduated from High School. Nicci is a timid person that easily fits into any school in the US. Nicci plans to continue to write books and will also talk to kids in school about following their dreams.  More...



In high school all you ever really need to worry about is tests, gossip, and dating, right? Wrong!
Derrick Clark finds himself thrown into a world, he never knew existed. When he enters a school play, he is paired up with his gifted poetry partner, Annabell Crystal, as the lead roles. But he finds Annabell and her sisters aren't as perfect as everyone believes...
And on top of everything else another vampire shows up with his eyes on Annabell. Can Derrick figure out all of Annabell's dark cryptic secrets before the sunsets and the undead come out for a Blood Party? Or is Annabell's world too dangerous fo him>

In both Luxuria and Invidia, we loved that the central female characters are so dynamic. They are strong willed, talented, and devoted to their family unit. We also enjoyed Derrick's character - who is a truly good guy who can still be mischievous.

We also thought that the author's concepts were original and interesting. It is very difficult to add something new to the vampire genre, but the author has managed to do just that. The plot also did keep us guessing and we were not able to predict the endings.

We were also able to detect a growth in the author's writing from one novel to the other. While both novels have both love and adventure, Invidia provides more depth to each character.

There were some questions that were left unanswered. However, we suspect that these may be resolved in the other installments. Also, at times Derrick does seem too good to be true - but so do most fictional males :) Lastly, we did feel there was a bit of a disconnect between Annabell's history and the fact that she has never had any actual lovers, but for this reason we feel that these novels are more suited for the younger half of the YA audience. by Quirky Fate Press Review