Poetry, Humor, General Fiction

By Will Ross

Publisher : LoopIT!

ABOUT Will Ross

Will Ross
I'm a 29 year old hipster poet/fiction writer from Omaha, Nebraska.  My poetry is like me, brash, ballsy, and slightly full of it's self!



Cattywompus is a collection of short humor, satire, fiction, and poetry by Will Ross. Religion, sexuality, trash literature, zombies, elves with machine guns and immortals; everyone gets a turn being run through the satire machine in this pocket volume of silly, funny or just plain bizarre stories.

I write a humor and poetry blog called Prefaces and Asides and started publishing the best pieces in pocket sized anthologies!

A collection of short stories and literature you must read. The author keeps you reading with funny short stories and bizarre fiction. It was hard for me to put down and I can't wait to see what this author puts out next. Whatever you do don't let this one get by you. Sit back and get ready to have your mind blown, or at least sit back and enjoy. 

"Letters from Gay Camp", the first story will make you want to read the rest hands down. "Baby Soup", disturbing and so funny you'll never look at carrots in your soup the same again. And you must read Bobby Anderson's book report so you can be introduced to a lovable and relatable young boy who will make you rethink No Child Left Behind.

- BrianTheCritic

Cattywompus is a collection of strange, bizarre, and funny short stories and satirical essays. Will Ross's bio at the back, gives the reader a glimpse at the quirky nature of the book overall. 

My fav is the fictional book report Bobby Anderson does on The Odyssey. 

The author even recorded the book report and a few of the other stories as little radio plays. Many had me laughing out loud and I had to pause and back-up to make sure I didn't miss the next great line. 

I'm looking forward to more of his work.

- Ann Towey