Kuy Syan Joshua

Romance, General Fiction

By Magnolia Belle

Publisher : Black Wolf Books, Inc.

ABOUT Magnolia Belle

Magnolia Belle
I'm a Texas author who writes about Texas romance, adventure and history, past and present.  Native Americans figure heavily into my novels.  I've also expanded my historical novels to include medieval England and Scotland



The story of Kûy Syân Joshua tracks two diverse ways of life:  Kiowa and white.  In 1851, Lana Cooper, a white woman, makes a choice to live with her Kiowa husband, Two Hawks, thus keeping her family from knowing she’s alive.  While the western frontier brews in hostilities between indigenous tribes and bluecoats, back east, the country is divided by Civil War.  When the war ends, Lana’s first husband Liam O’Connell finds himself on the losing side and must somehow piece his world back together.    These two lives dance and weave around each other, bringing them closer and closer to the truth, while Lana and Two Hawks fight to keep their family alive on the high plains of Texas.

Excerpts:  http://www.blackwolfbooks.com/articles/Kuy-Syan-Joshua-7.html

Native Americans - especially the Plains tribes - have always fascinated me. They are struggling today to preserve their language and culture, and to tell their stories. I have done extensive research on the Kiowa tribe in order to bring readers some of their rich, tragic and proud history.

Black Wolf Books presents another authentically written novel by Magnolia Belle. Her novel Kuy Syan Joshua is a welcomed classic to the prolific writer's collection of books in this series set in the late 1800's. Centered around the American Native Kiowa people and lands, she employs genuine details and descriptions unique to the people who live there.

Her eclectic ability to incorporate rich characters drenched in native culture while drawing in the quality of foreign presence provides an interesting backdrop which she brilliantly weaves into several plot lines.

Two Hawks and Lana share a romance while he and his father Many Deer emerge as focal characters. T `on Ma is present in this novel and her story continues with Two Hawks asking her why she married Liam. For those who read the preceding novel T' on Ma, this novel is a satisfying sequel, especially if you longed to see T `on Ma and Two Hawks end up together and were saddened by T `on Ma's decision in the earlier novel.

Other Native characters develop such as Gray Dove, Red Flint, Chief Kicking bird, Corn Flower, Broken Flute, White Dog, Little Rain, Bent Fox, Little Bow, Iron Crow, Big Elk and like the novel T `on Ma which focused on foreigners crossing paths with natives, this novel also shares that quality.

Some of the foreign characters are Liam, Jason, Maeve, Patrick O Connell, Sr, Captan Mcclellan, Becca, Lana, Mr and Mrs. Blake, Mitchell, Deborah, Sheila, Eric, Billy.

T `on Ma's sons, Blue and Kûy Syân Joshua are central and integral to the story. It is filled with unexpected, suspenseful and sad moments between them. T' on Ma and Two Hawks share Christmas and they are able to overcome the difficulties that separated them in the prior novel; however, true to life a new set of struggles emerge and the characters of this novel must discover their way through the dangers, prejudices, and harsh living of the wild land.

This was an exceptional read and I have become a fan of Magnolia Belle's Native American T'on Ma series, by Black Wolf Books.

5 stars
Reviewer's Desk (Florida)