Little Wolf Ranch

Romance, General Fiction

By Magnolia Belle

Publisher : Black Wolf Books, Inc

ABOUT Magnolia Belle

Magnolia Belle
I'm a Texas author who writes about Texas romance, adventure and history, past and present.  Native Americans figure heavily into my novels.  I've also expanded my historical novels to include medieval England and Scotland



Little Wolf Ranch is home to two families trying to find their way in a new, confusing world.  Both have lost their footing, one to the Indian Wars and one to the Civil War.  Together, they must confront their past before they can claim their future, their loves and their dreams.

Blended families are a challenge in the best of times. Throw in different cultures and social conflict and it takes strength, understanding, and forgiveness to make a family truly blend.

Lanna Cooper and Liam O'Connell run into each other again after twenty years. They both survived extraordinary situations, death of a spouse, and the challenges of being a single parent. Liam is introduced to the son, Kuy Syan Joshua, he did not know he had; and Kuy Syan Joshua meets his biological father in whom he shows little interest bordering on hatred.

As his sentence for attempting to shoot General Sherman, Kuy Syan Joshua is allowed to live in the custody of Liam. Kuy Syan Joshua and his half-brothers and sister find it trying to live as the "white eyes" do. The people he and his brother, Blue, killed in raids on homesteads. Now all four Kiowa children are forced to adopt that lifestyle. Along with the trials, however, come some unexpected surprises; fudge, for example, or box socials, or perhaps a friendly game of baseball with the neighboring rancher's family.

Liam is able to acquire an old stage station, a "fixer-upper." It's large enough to accommodate Liam and his two daughters as well as Lanna and her four children and nephew. With a goal to make the station a home and the property a horse ranch, all nine people begin a new direction in life together and individually - blending.

Denise G. Hinds 'wind dancer'
5 stars