Boystown 2: Three More Nick Nowak Mysteries

Gay & Lesbian, Mystery & Thrillers

By Marshall Thornton

Publisher : Torquere Press

ABOUT Marshall Thornton

Marshall Thornton
Marshall Thornton is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright and author living in Long Beach, California. He has an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA where he won the Carl David Memorial Fellowship for his romantic-comedy, Husband Material, as well as a BA in Creative Writing from Calif More...


In the second Boystown collection, Chicago private investigator Nick Nowak finds himself involved with a young man who murdered his stepfather but refuses to assist in his own defense, hired to find the murderer of a dead porno star, and, in a case that traps him between the two men he loves, searching for a serial killer’s only living victim. Set in the second half of 1981, Nick juggles his deepening relationship with Detective Bert Harker with the return of his ex, Daniel Laverty. Which man will he choose? And will he be able to?
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Set in the 1980s, Nick Nowak, a Chicago private investigator, returns with three stories. In the first story, he is called in to investigate the murder by a young man of his stepfather. The young man is refusing to defend himself or even to talk to his lawyers. In the next story, he is hired to investigate the murder of a porn star while in the third story , he is searching for the only surviving victim of a serial killer. The three stories are tied together with Nick’s struggle with his relationship with Detective Bert Harker. He knows he cares for the man but then his ex, Daniel Laverty returns. Now Nick is faced with choosing between the two men.

Nick has a different way of looking at his life and the relationships he has than most people do. To Nick, sex can mean many things – it can mean only pleasure or it can mean pain or it can mean nothing. Nick searches and struggles for meanings in his encounters and relationships while trying to make a living as a private investigator. To further confuse him he now has two men in his life. Boystown 2 is an intriguing set of tales that takes us into his life and his feelings while at the same time we are on the front line for compelling investigations with disturbing outcomes. Nick has fast become a favorite character and we will all be anxiously awaiting the next set a tales in the life and times of Nick Nowak. Marshall Thornton has a winner with Nick Nowak.