The Utopian Man

ABOUT Kathy Hyer

Kathy Hyer
I am a dreamer, an optimist.  I am typical of my astrological sign, cancer.  I love writing on a balcony on the beach with the tide coming in and kites flying.  I love the sound of rain on the roof.   


Jaci has a successful career, but her sister Shelia has everything Jaci really wants-a wonderful husband with children on the way.  The contrast is even more pronounced with the devastating breakup of the relationship with the man Jaci was sure she would marry.  Now in her thirties, Jaci's time is running out to find the perfect mate; her only hop of happiness is a magical spell that combines the best qualities of twelve men.  Soon, Jaci finds herself wedded to her magical perfect husband.  When it dawns on her that having an ideal man does not equal happiness, it is too late...or is it?

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