Travels Through Love And Time

Romance, General Fiction

By Christine Hall Volkoff

Publisher : Night Publishing

ABOUT Christine Hall Volkoff

Christine Hall Volkoff
Born and raised in France, Christine Hall Volkoff has lived most of her adult life in California, enjoying the books, films and music that often enfold the protagonists in her writing.


From the rocky coves of the small island of Porquerolles in her teenage years, the glamour of the Cannes Film Festival in the 60's to a café in Paris in the 80's as a middle aged woman, Christine doesn't really know if she is looking for love, or if love is looking for her.

At the terrace of a small outdoor café, she discusses Marguerite Duras with an unknown woman, and enters into a whirlwind of anxiety and desire only mitigated by good food and the magic of the city. Has Christine learned anything about love in her travels?

In Venice Beach, California, now mature, she becomes smitten with a woman 30 years her junior. As she tries to give Bethany some comfort, she will let herself descend once again into the mysteries of infatuation. Will she be able to follow the advice of her teenage years, finally be able to enjoy the good life, and recover her peace of mind?

Get ready to travel through love, space and time ....

Three stories, three aspects of love and a world of emotions make 'Travels Through Love And Time' a moving and gripping sequence of novellas that will make your spirit soar.

These stories were born out of an almost therapeutic compulsion. I felt that romantic encounters that are outside of norms condoned by society possess an extra erotic charge, and I wanted to write about the mysterious connection between sex and our deepest emotions. True love can spring out of nowhere, without warning and without following any rules. If it is pure, even if it appears for a very short while, its power can point us toward freedom or a different outlook on life. It is my greatest hope that these simple tales of love will generate in the reader more lust for life than just plain lust.

Comment from Columbia Valentine Scot, author of 'Layers of the Heart':

This is one of the most tender, hypnotic and intoxicating books I have ever read. Your writing is so subtle and beautiful. Your imagery and descriptive writing is captivating.

Comment from Johanna Kern, author of 'Master and the Green-Eyed Hope':

Your enchanting story of love is more than just a romance. It is a soul-searching, spellbinding journey into the depths of one's own nature.

Comment from Eunice Attwood, author of 'The Temple Dancer':

An enchanting tale of love and the complexities of emotion. Vivid imagery and an understanding of the human heart.

Comment from Joanne Carter, author of 'Fossil Farm':

Powerful, poignant, provocative.

Comment from Freddie Harte, author of 'Firewall':

Beautiful writing that gives off a sense of early morning freshness. There is a timeless peace about everything, a sense of a world in harmonious abeyance, until the unsettling dream ….