The Boss. . . the story of a female hustler

Classics, General Fiction, Romance

By Tysha Hill

Publisher : Urban Book

ABOUT Tysha Hill

Tysha Hill
Tysha was born in Youngstown, Ohio & raised on the same gritty streets that influence her fictional tales. The author was raised by her grandparents alongside her mother and many other family members.  Tysha considers herself blessed to be part of a family that believes it takes a vi More...


Kayla “BOSSY” Tucker was born, raised and some might say molested by the grimy streets of Youngstown, Ohio.  Having a drug addicted mother, an absentee father and a big brother serving a life sentence, BOSSY had no choice but to form an alliance with two of the city’s most notorious gangsters in order to survive.  As a teen, BOSSY spent her time dealing drugs and settling scores.  Years later, BOSSY has created a secret formula to cook up crack cocaine with a potency drug dealers will pay top dollar for.  Now in her mid-thirties, BOSSY has grown tired of living in fear of arrest or death.  It is not until the murder of her mentor does she decide to walk away from the hustle.  Unfortunately for BOSSY, a new enemy will force her to fight one more battle before retiring.  In the end, BOSSY must decide between her own mortality and that of a loved one.  The bell has rung, the gloves are off and the fight may end in a knock-out.

The story of Bossy is fiction with some truth peppered in. Her experiences mirror that of my own growing up in the poverty stricken steele mill city of Youngstown, OH.

Women have just as much hustle as men and in The Boss by Tysha readers will learn just how much. Kayla Tucker, better known as Bossy, was born and raised in the streets and the street is all she knows. In Youngstown, Ohio Bossy has kept her head above ground and will do anything to protect what is hers, especially her family and money. Bossy has made it a point to build alliances with some of the key gangsters in the drug game but yearns for the day that she can get out of the game.

When an unforeseen tragedy takes her mentor away, she realizes the person left in charge may be the downfall of them all. In addition, as soon as Bossy believes she can walk away from her hustle a new menace steps into the picture causing her to step right back in.

The Boss is the story of how dangerous being in the drug game can get. The author provides readers with characters that are full of betrayal, secrets, and deceit. It is a page-turner of true entertainment. The power the main character possesses in the story is unbelievable. I recommend this book to others

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