Young Adult, Romance, General Fiction

By Anita Johnson

Publisher : Eloquent Books


ABOUT Anita Johnson

Anita Johnson
I'm a disabled veteran turned writer, the youngest daughter of six children, raised a Navy brat who served in the U.S. Army, attended college at Northwest Missouri State University, and promoting my first romance novel "Orion".



In this galactic-size romance, Commander Susan Davis, pilot of the shuttle Orion, is on a space mission when she is struck by cupid’s arrow. The widow isn’t looking for love, but finds it anyway in Orion, an out-of-this-world novel. Astronaut Chance Walker has been waiting five years for a private moment to tell the woman he loves about his star-struck affections. On one special night, both their lives are changed forever.

Summer of 2009 I had a medical scar, upon returning from the hospital I decided to follow my dream of writing a novel. I had a dream, a vision, and realized that I needed to do this for me. It was part of my own journey to self-awareness, to believe in myself that I was good enough, and I could write. In prior years I'd lost myself purpose, self-awareness, and my self-esteem. I dug deep pulled myself together, got healther, and figured it was time to start living instead of dreaming. I sat down wrote out the first six chapters, had my niece Stacy read it to see what she thought(she loved it), and I went from there. Before I knew it I had written an entire novel. My passion for writing, creative thinking, and since of purpose exploded and I haven't looked back. I'm currently writing my second romance novel and working with my sisters on a collective poetry book both to be published in 2011.