I Wish I Might

ABOUT Jocelyn Modo

Jocelyn Modo
Jocelyn Modo grew up infatuated with science fiction and fantasy, reading everything she could get her hands on. Later, when she discovered romance, it only seemed natural to combine the genres. She lives on the planet Earth, but travels frequently to other worlds, always remembering to br More...



Lady Calixte is known for spending her nights in the beds of handsome spaceforce pilots. So when her home planet is invaded and her bed found empty, no one questions her whereabouts. Who would guess she’d stowaway on a ship headed to a planet peopled by a warrior race to plead for help from the most feared man in the galaxy?


Leader Sarin has fought many battles, but after a devastating disease kills most of the women on his planet, he wonders what is left worth fighting for. Until, that is, the daring Lady Calixte arrives in her sleep gown looking for help. He has no doubt he can win the battle to save her people, but can he win her heart?