His Grace Is Enough

Romance, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Sherry Porter

Publisher : Tate Publishing

ABOUT Sherry Porter

Sherry Porter
I am 43, married to the love of my life. I love reading and writing! I have always dreamed of writing a book and finally decided to take the plunge and send in my first manuscript. I am now a first time published author. I love being able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through my writing!



Can a fifteen-year-old girl, facing a bleak existence on her own, survive the rural life of 1868 Kansas? Join author Sherry Porter in her first book, His Grace Is Enough, as she shares the story of Carrie Nelson.
When a terrible epidemic sweeps across the plains, bringing sickness and death to friends and neighbors, Carrie's own beloved parents fall victim.  In a matter of days, she finds herself orphaned, desolate, and solely responsible for running the family farm.  Although she was raised in a Christian home, Carrie quickly begins to question a God who would let her parents suffer and die.  Can a kindly, thirty-year-old widower, with three young children of his own, help Carrie see that God is not the one who caused her grief, but is the one who can help her through it?  
This emotional and uplifting story will draw you in and tug at your heart.  Experience the joys and sorrows of this disheartened young woman, as she learns the truth about our loving Father - that His Grace Is Enough.

This story originated from the story of my grandmother's life. When my grandma was 8 years old, her mother died. When she was 15 her father lay dying and arranged for her to marry his friend who was 41 years old.