Mystery & Thrillers

By Toby Tate

Publisher : Nightbird Publishing

ABOUT Toby Tate

Toby Tate
Toby Tate has been a writer since about the age of 12, when he first began writing short stories and publishing his own movie monster magazine. He is a freelance journalist and writer with dozens of pieces published on sites like eHow.com as well as in The Pedestal Magazine, Famous Monster More...



Far beneath the waters off Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, an ancient evil is awakened and an archeologist’s dream suddenly becomes the world’s nightmare. A small town reporter and his wife try to put the pieces of their lives back together after losing their unborn child, and soon find themselves thrust headlong into the midst of bizarre and terrifying events neither of them could have predicted.

From the dark forests of the Great Dismal Swamp to the underground caverns of Cat Island in the Caribbean, the reanimated body of Blackbeard the Pirate moves with blind fury and a single-minded purpose ... to open the gates of Hell on an unsuspecting world. One man knows the true secret of Diablero, and he must be found before time runs out, not only for those who seek to stop the demon, but for the entire human race.

Far beneath the waters off Ocracoke Island, North Carolina, an ancient evil is awakened, and an archeologist‘s dream suddenly becomes the world‘s nightmare. Hunter Singleton, a reporter for a small-town newspaper, and his estranged wife, park ranger Lisa Singleton, must join forces and battle a presence older than mankind. A being known as Diablero has miraculously reanimated the bones of Edward Teach and is moving relentlessly, day and night, through the dark forests and waterways of north-eastern North Carolina. The demon leaves a trail of headless corpses as it slowly makes its way through the swamp to a relic dealer in Williamsburg, Virginia, where it can reacquire what was lost so long ago—the skull that will make it human once again. But it doesn't stop there. Underneath an ancient church on an island in the Bahamas lies a cave with a secret as fascinating as it is terrifying, and it's Blackbeard's ultimate destination. Hunter and Lisa are joined in their fight by others who say they also seek to destroy the demon. But their true intentions may be less than honorable, and Teach is about to open the gates of Hell on an unsuspecting world. Then, there are the dreams, strange visions of things that have yet to come to pass, and other visions of unspeakable horror. Teach has to be destroyed at all costs, but how can mere humans stop the unstoppable. One man knows the answer, a shaman who has plenty of secrets of his own. And he must be found before it's too late. Not only for Hunter and Lisa, but for the entire human race.

"Blackbeard is fertile ground for pure evil, and Toby Tate's DIABLERO does the subject justice. A well-crafted read."

     — Steve Alten, NY Times Bestselling Author of MEG and GRIM REAPER

"DIABLERO is the perfect matchup of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones, and Pirates. Ancient evil, modern intrigue, and a fast pace will have readers hanging on the edges of their seats."

     — David Niall Wilson, Author of DEEP BLUE and VINTAGE SOUL — 

"Pirates, voodoo, and zombies are all creatively wrapped in a shroud of the supernatural in Toby Tate’s DIABLERO. Someone or something has infused the body of Edward Teach, the pirate Blackbeard, with a dose of evil. He roams from the North Carolina coast to the Caribbean in a dream-like state, seeking the source of evil for his re-animator to control. The group hot on Blackbeard’s trail have little more than the hope they can find the key to stopping him before it’s too late. Tate’s skillful treatment of Blackbeard as both an apparition of horror and an empathetic victim is a wonderful twist on the character. Think you know pirates? Think again, and don’t miss this one."

     — Tracy Rud, Author of SEA BEGGAR