I Am, the Great Creator God

ABOUT Haven Mankin

Haven Mankin
Haven Mankin, wears many hats besides a long time husband & father, He is: a Christian author, an Adult Sunday School & Bible Teacher (still going after 30 years), an Elder in the Christian Church, a Preacher, an Architect, a custom light fixture artist, a Stone Mason, a Cabinet More...


“Looking” is a matter of perspective; to grow you have to open your eyes to a different way of viewing the facts. “Growth” is like a staircase; to get to the top, you must simply take one step after another. At each step, you will have the ability to see things at a higher level, a higher perspective…differently. Today of the “arguments of the ages” have become tired and boring to people because they are at the base of the stairs and only hear the same arguments repeated. Is that going to be the end of our growth? People will dig-in to defend “their turf”, without any vision at all. What about the serious arguments of: does God exist, the creation of mankind, the Big Bang, evolution, nature, the Doctrine of Election, predestination, miracles, and time?  We cannot risk false made-up agendas; lies are being taught to our children. These "false people" don’t have a clue that they are at the base of the staircase and not even looking up. There is so much more out there; open your eyes, your heart and your mind.

Have you ever expressed any of the following questions: How did the universe start? How will the universe end? What existed before the stars? Does your life have any meaning? Does God know me and care for me? What was God’s first gift to the world? Is God still involved with both Mankind and Creation? Can you believe in the Big Bang and still be a Christian? Find answers in the book, I Am, the Great Creator God.