Rose Petals and Gun Powder

ABOUT Jean Dugas

Jean Dugas


This encompassing tale of matter-bending storytelling begins on the lip of the Gulf of Mexico, 1947.

Sampson `Apocalypse' Baker and Edison Thomas, polar opposites and WWII veterans, were not born under the star of luck. Their nomadic lives led as mercenary handymen --traveling the US in a patchy 1938 Ocean Blue LaSalle sedan outfitted with an Allison Liberator engine and the remnants of useful armor plating --have found their way through a partially sealed aqueduct discovered during a supernatural storm.

Moments after their unorthodox arrival, they wander out from the decaying tunnel and discover a lost yet grand metropolitan island set out to sea, one haunted by the remains of humans fused to buildings and set free to feed; ravens who see these newly arrived combatants' activities and seemingly both help and hinder their progress; villains who defy the laws of both mortality and physics; and a mysterious woman who literally has the curse of death embalmed in her fingertips, never knowing the touch of human contact while carrying with her the most beautiful desires ever known to life. All are among the denizens of Static City, unwilling fallout from `The Accident' --an event upon the island of measured unfolding origin that changed all they knew forever.

Rose Petals and Gunpowder, an intricately spun fictional novel combining carefully crafted elements of action, adventure, emotional interaction with larger-than-life characters, science fiction and suspense transport the reader into a world of tilted reality, changing what they think is possible through creative and risk-taking writing.

This work by the author is the newest of a series of non-linear novels --currently the fourth completed --competing to be a fresh offering for the discerning adult audience seeking a fulfilling reading experience. This title joins the previously published Twisted Delirium: The Infinite Dream.
"After I got past Edison's speaking style, it was one of the best book's I've ever read." J.S.