Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Stephannie Beman

Publisher : Ruis Publishing LLC

ABOUT Stephannie Beman

Stephannie Beman
Stephannie Beman has been a storyteller since the moment she first learned to speak, an avid reader since before she could really read, a writer since she penned her first story, and a daydreamer on a mission. For her, fables have always been alive, fairy tales have lessons to teach, and m More...


Betrayed by the Gods he once served, battle-weary Hades promised to never allow another god power over him, but he didn’t plan on the intervention of the Fates intertwining his future with the stunning woman dancing in the moonlight, but only a fool accepts the gifts of a siren, or fights against the will of the Fates. (less sexual version of My Lord Hades)

After writing My Lord Hades I had a few requests to remove the sex from the book to make it a clean romance that people could share with their friends. So Persephone was born.