Scarred Faith - The Wounded Warrior

Scarred Faith - The Wounded Warrior

ABOUT Landon Alexander

Landon Alexander
Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago, in 1978 he enlisted and served in the United States Navy for six years. His background is in music, music production, music publishing and management. Landon Alexander is married with children, and he gave his life to Christ in 2001. He has sinc More...


This book is the journey of one man, but the story of many — including those who are struggling today with the temptations of sexual addiction.

It might seem to be a common story these days, but I believe this book has something new to tell you about desire and pain, as well as forgiveness and renewal. The story is about what happens to a man who is a leader in his church, a married man who is devoted to his wife and family, but who finds himself tormented and torn between his spiritual passion to please the Lord and his deeply-rooted carnal needs as a neglected man. It is also about his undaunted faith, his hope and fear, and the absolute reality of God's love.

This is the story of a Christian man who went astray and sinned, repeatedly. You might find this book disturbing, disgusting, or fascinating, but above all, I hope that you will see how the Big Picture is all about breaking free from sex addiction and improving your most intimate relationship — your marriage. I pray this story can be useful in your life, and in the lives of those you love. You might even be a man like the ones characterized in this book, or maybe you're married to that kind of man. This book is for you.

This narrative also presents the aftermath of sin, the chastening and anguish of the sinner, as well as the pain and suffering inflicted upon others (especially his wife) by the sinner's actions. The charity of love will be revealed.

Above all, this book is about the experience of a man's deliverance from sin, and by the Grace of God, his incredible awakening to find the Kingdom of God, for which I praise the Lord and thank Him with all my whole uplifted heart and soul!