Cactus Island, A Stan Turner Mystery

Mystery & Thrillers

By William Manchee

Publisher : Top Publications

ABOUT William Manchee

William Manchee
William Manchee is an attorney by trade and practices law in Dallas with his son Jim. Originally from southern California, he lives now in Plano, Texas with his wife Janet of some 41 years. Manchee discovered his passion for writing late in life at age forty-eight and has vowed to write a  More...



September 2006 405 pages Stan is called out to Possum Kingdom Lake in Central Texas where a boy scout has been killed in a tragic Jeep accident. At first glance it appears to be just a typical case of a reckless teenager driving too fast, but the teenager, Steven Caldwell, insists the accident wasn't his fault. He claims he was distracted by an alien spacecraft flying overhead. At first Stan thinks his client's story is ridiculous, but as his investigation progresses he discovers his client may be telling the truth.

Manchee provides his readers with a dexterously plotted tale that ties everything together with a surprise ending. And even if you don't believe in space ships and aliens, you have to admit that this would make great courtroom drama- if it actually happened! - Harold McFarlane

Writer Manchee has set together another great milieu of engaging, convincing characters, predicaments and blunders. The tale Manchee weaves in Cactus Island brings us another great romp with full time lawyer part time sleuth Stan Turner and his law partner Paula Waters. 5 Stars. - Molly Martin

While this is a mystery, there is no denying the dash of science fiction adds flavor to the story. It is told in first person narrative by Stan Turner and his partner Paula, who alternate chapters, which makes it somewhat unique in character. - John Washburn