The Big Ones - The World Record Smallmouth Bass of Dale Hollow Lake

Sports & Recreation

By Darren Shell

Publisher : Fideli Publishing Inc.

ABOUT Darren Shell

Darren Shell
Darren Shell started writing in the spring of 2005. His first effort was a simple story about Dale Hollow Lake for his daughter, who was then ten years old.  “It was crude and simple, but heart-felt and tender,” Shell says.  “It was a ghost tale about the making of Dale Hollow Lake More...


This book tells the story of David L. Hayes and his magnificent trophy smallmouth bass. This one fish has made history in many ways. Caught on the Tennessee/Kentucky State Line, both states have laid claim to David’s 11 pound beauty since its scales first felt dry air.  There are many stories and rumors connected to this record-holding fish, but author Darren Shell got the story straight from the man who caught it.  

From D. L. Hayes, the fishing history moves on to second and third place holders, John Gorman and Paul Beal. Shell reveals the stories behind each of these catches as well as giving the reader a glimpse of each man.

Also included are tips for catching smallies from Stephen Headrick, Billy Westmoreland, Bob Coan and the author. Accompanying this valuable angling information are maps of the lake, a listing of marinas and all manner of Dale Hollow Lake fishing information.

This book would be a great gift for anglers and a welcome addition to any serious fisherman’s collection.

Great history of smallmouth bass fishing on Dale Hollow. - Clyde Drury