Sudden Moves

ABOUT Kelli Landon

Kelli Landon
Kelli Sue Landon is from Peoria IL.  She has had various short stories published including a collection entitled Short Tales available on  Her first novel Sudden Moves is getting rave reviews.  She works for the U.S. Postal Service.



Sixteen year old Michelle Martin searches for missing classmate, Katie Brashers when she fails to return to school after Spring Break.  She went to Florida with her family and the school claims that she moved there.  Her boyfriend, Brad, is heartbroken she never said goodbye.  Together with Michelle and her best friend, wild teen Tami Simmons, they form their own investigation.  Dodging Michelle demanding mother, they have to be discreet by snooping around the neighborhood and looking inside Katie's house.  If Michelle isn't careful, she could end up like Katie - gone without a trace!