ABOUT Karen Van Wyk

Karen van Wyk


Tristan Steyn has two dreams. To represent his country in international competition and to grade as the youngest nidan in the history of his karate club. When be becomes involved in a violent encounter with the brother of a fellow karateka, he fully expects to be dropped from the National Team selections. But Tristan is stunned when his mentor, Shihan Dean Stander, exacts a much harsher punishment. Hurt and angry, Tristan goes from being bright and hard working to sullen and difficult almost overnight. As friends and family begin to give up on him, tragedy strikes and Tristan is forced to show a strength of character and the emotional maturity of one far beyond his years. But is it too late to redeem himself in the eyes of his hero?
Growing Pains in a Kyokushin Dojo

This is an enjoyable, fast-paced novel of teenage angst set in and around a karate dojo. Karen Van Wyk's treatment of the martial arts shows depth of understanding and her writing style is natural, gripping and fluid. The characters are suitably human and engaging - you find yourself drawn to Tristan's struggle to 'grow up' in the harsh and unforgiving environment of a Kyokushinkai dojo.

This book will appeal to the Young Adults audience first and foremost, though memories of early training will ring true with many older readers too. I could imagine 'Sanchin' making a great mini-series (or movie) although Hollywood would probably want to move it from its current location in South Africa to California!

Congratulations to Karen Van Wyk on an exciting debut in the challenging world of martial arts fiction.
Goran Powell - Author of Waking Dragons and A Sudden Dawn