Better Than Ever, Again

ABOUT Mitch Davies

Mitch Davies
Mitch Davies was born in Canada and spent 40 years there before moving to the desert of Arizona. He is a true child of the media having grown up with a father who worked his entire career in the film industry. The house he grew up in had a television on from the time he woke up until he we More...



What happens when you land a dream job sailing in the South Pacific as a part owner of a sleek, gleaming private-charter yacht, and you discover the job comes with baggage? Ben Beck lands just such a job as a crew member, sailing on just such a ship, when he answers a recruitment ad for sailors that reads “No Sailing Experience Necessary” and he has the qualifications.


The baggage comes in the form of the other members of the operation, which includes Carl, the millionaire boss, Duane, a hard-to-please captain, Purrette, a serious beauty, and Rudy, a potential danger.


With his history of working ‘too good to be true’ opportunities, Ben can't believe his luck. Sail excursions in Tahiti for a year, then sell the yacht and get a nice chunk of the proceeds! At least, that's the plan presented to him when he signs on.


After a confusing start of misinformation, Ben isn't sure of exactly what he's gotten himself into. How many partners does he have? Where exactly are they going?


And then there's Tahiti, where he meets three down-and-out locals who help him understand the island. He also promotes a business relationship with a local Frenchman operating a tour business. The Frenchman's exotically beautiful daughter has an exotically beautiful relationship planned as well.


Can Ben sail the southern seas while avoiding the dangers to his life and his love-life? When Ben finds out what's really going on, can he save the dream?


If your immediate plans don't include sailing in the clear blue waters of Tahiti, but you long for a trip to the tropics, then you should join Ben as he starts a new life that is

Better Than Ever, Again.

I very much enjoyed this book. I read it yesterday and I couldn't put it down.This book is a keeper and I will be reading this one again . If you are looking for a book with adventure then this is the book for you. - Chantale -