A Desolate Reunion, A Return to Ether (Angustus Edition)


TC McKinney
  TC McKinney, the world's 21st Century Author, is an Award Winning Poet, Lyric Writer and Collaborator.Beginning his career in 2008, he has taken his poetry to new heights since he first began his publication of his first poetry book entitled 'Poetic Decree of Diversity' in Oct of 2009. More...



There is so much emotion to encounter at a reuinon. Indeed, Especially when it is a Desolate one. 
Among others in solitude with dank and somber mood, to an isolation where tranqulity can sometimes be found in the comfort of being alone, there is yet a light that brings a serenity and beauty of its own. 
When returned to Ashes and Dust to Dust the spirit drifts forward into a cold dark wasteland returning to the serenity of Ether.  
May the dark corners of your mind a glimpse of pleasure in the solitary confinement of dark emery when left Desolate with
this perceptional reality thus created by such emotional boundries.....

A COLLABORATIVE INDULGENCE Subjective Reasoning “Am I someone, somebody or something in your eyes?” (From the poem entitled 'Aliquid') ~An Afterword by TC McKinney ~ I must therefore reason concerning the written publication of this book. We all live and die accordingly. For it is said that every man is indeed a condemned criminal, only he does not know the day of his execution. This is indeed true. This work is not an attempt to engage in suicide, cutting oneself, doing drugs or harming others etc. This work is for those who thus feel alone, solitary and desolate. These poems are meant to bring tranquility and serenity in such emotional feelings that are thus conveyed. A way to cope with the art of living in such sweet sorrow. There is a comfort and splendid art form that is therefore taken for granted by the mainstream of humanity. People often have the misconception that feelings such as the ones presented in this book are not 'Normal' and thus these feelings and people who feel this way are in need of help, comfort and need a new set way of thinking patterns. When solitary confinement runs its course through the veins of such people as who feel depression it is true that this is such a way to draw attention, cope with the way of living, bring themselves down to humbleness, keep from judgment, bring a higher state of mind and give meaning to their lives and thus questions arise within: Why am I?, Who am I?,What am I doing here? These questions in general are considered normal patterns that help our intelligence grow but yet the patterns of actions bring questions that are judged by society as dark and not healthy for ones being. Let us therefore live and surrender our ways to understand the perception of others around us. To the darker inner shadows of ourselves we should give credit. There is indeed a light within every dark aspect that surrounds us.

A Desolate Reunion’, is a gripping, awe-inspiring collection of poems, and graphics of the highest quality, grabbing the reader from the very start. The perfect blend of words and images merge into what can only be described as a sombre, dark, enchanting world of Gothic decadence, delightfully resonating within our deepest sense of passion.

Tc McKinney, is a truly gifted poet - more than that, a truly gifted artist, who can captivate an audience at all levels, both visually and emotionally, with the ability to entice the reader into the world of strange, mysteriously captivating dimensions, where we feast on the spellbinding mix of imagery and poetry, submerged in the surreal dimensions of the mystique.

This is not a just a poetry collection, but a performance by an incredibly talented maestro.

Author and Poetess Elise of Opium Valentines and Paradise.

Founder/Editor of Decanto Poetry Magazine (United Kingdom)

This brazenly unique collection of dark and defiant poems dares to speak from the taboo parts of the poet's soul, much like lost song lyrics from a private black binder hidden underneath the bed. These lyrical poems speak of sorrow and desire, temptation and vice, guilt and frustration... unleashing the contemptuous, questioning, even violent alter ego of a pained mortal through the audacity of words. The rhymes flow expertly and unheeded, but have just enough unpredictability in meter to prevent any overly infectious "sing-song" patterns that become undesirably stuck in your head.

The book overall is of considerable quality, being that it contains not only several poems but also a wealth of intriguing digital photography to supplement the text. The images throughout are intricate and astounding... eye-catching, cutting-edge and vividly detailed without breaking the dark spell that hangs over the book like a cloud.

From the abysmal noir of "Tribal Nightmare" and "A Painful Memory", to the obsessively tormented eroticism of "Aliquid", this desolate reunion is one that will invoke many familiar faces that only one who dares to explore the darker side of his soul can stand to face. I recommend this book to fans of poetry and art who seek less traditional avenues of artistic expression... even those partial to the lyrics of contemporary rock music should have no problem transitioning to this bold new style of poetry.

Author and Poet Brandon Gene Petit

Deep inside I feel a pin prick

The whole world seems to me a mimic,

With each soul seeming yet so perfect,

The despair,is vivid, do I need to reflect?

Diverse, the world may seem,

A momentary quench,and the requiem..

These lines are the spontaneous outcome as I finished reading the book "A Desolate Reunion-Return to Ether" by TC McKinney. Well, the aroma of some aspects of life can be best sensed by asking questions, and not by asking for solutions. These questions spring up, well spring up would be too small a phrase , in fact they carve out the inner self

What could be better than you being in constant counsel with your instruments,and you dancing to the tune of that symphony which always seemed so fleeting,the realization that the hole which always meant to be filled would be best when it is left unfilled, that all the presumed boundaries of life were shattered like myth?

TC McKinney’s compositions which form the heart of "A Desolate Reunion-Return to Ether" are of a gothic- yet so pure genre, which captivate you, not only to mesmerise you with a whirlwind of questions which help you reach out to your inner self, but also the compositions being opulent with emotions ,move a brick or two in the wall.

With each composition, the enigma simplifies itself, and finally you are left with you reaching close to the salvation, and yet so far. That feeling in itself is enough to spur a Revolution within you. What can be more exhilarating than that perforated sheet between you and your soul falling down? Then you know what you are here for, what you were meant to be,and that you really can be boundless, just like an ocean.

The extremities of life,if ever they were,resonate deep inside you with a whirlwind of emotions ,which are so gothic,yet so pure, just like each composition. If ever there was a collage of the best compositions,here is one,not even an iota of exaggeration implied.

Akshat Jah (India)